In life, what is interesting is not necessarily Black or white

but the perfect mix oft he tow


Black and white photography calls for the sensitivity and gift of Observation as well as the knowledge of what surrounds us and the ability to abstract from the surrounding colors. Knowing how to read and analyze the language of a picture, how to reinforce a ststement and bring it to paper, is an old craft that demands utmost passion for this art from as well as many years of experience and expertise.


In conscious contrast to today`s digital photography, it is for 25 years now, that I have been emphasizing and conveying emotions with my professional prints in order to express the fascination of a lively and honest picture.


„He who knows the White and is able to assert himself in the Black shall be the measure of all things.“ (Laot-se)



I am looking forward to working together with you personally and guarantee professional advice as well as an efficient and cost-effective execution of your orders.



The final print is enlarged manually, following a discussion of the sample prints and in accordance to the customer`s wishes.




Film development Kodak D-76

The films are developed manually (deep tank with nitrogen). Prior to developing a series, we carry out a test development that can be corrected if necessary (push or pull).


Work prints

Depending on the customer`s wishes, with or without a black edge, uncorrected

RC-paper glossy and pearl


A Prints

Ideal as setting copies

RC paper, gloosy and pearl


Final prints

The final print is enlarged manually, following a discussion of the sample prints and in accordance to the customer`s wishes. You have the possibility of discussing your wishes and corrections directly with our employees.


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